Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Poached Breakfast Bistro, Saskatoon SK

I went here on a whim on a Sunday morning. It was the only breakfast place we could really find that was open on a Sunday morning in the downtown area. We were told a 40 minute wait... I was starting to assume it might just be one of those "current" restaurants that don't actually have food worth waiting for. We were all pretty hungry and didn't feel like waiting forty minutes.. especially since there was no where to wait except a open Starbucks a couple blocks down. I do wish they were able to put a bench out or something, but I guess that's up to the city.

We decided to go to drive around Saskatoon in search of another open restaurant but actually ended up getting lost and ended up close to downtown. By that time, the forty minutes would have been up by the time we parked and walked back to Poached so we decided on that. One thing is, I do appreciate they call the wait list customers when their table is ready. I've been to a couple popular breakfast joints in Calgary where they just take your name and they expect you to wait around in the crowd outside the door for your name to be called... many asian restaurants follow that concept as well. 

They have good food set at a pretty reasonably price. We had the Blueberry Bagel French Toast which was served with whipped yogurt, I believe. Rhubarb crepe with whipped yogurt and poached eggs on crab cakes with a side of Potato Croquettes. Don't quote me on these dishes, I couldn't find their latest menu online.. I do believe it changes per season!

Overall each dish was pretty good, all very well balance! The potato Croquette's were delicious, it had a nice crunchy outside with a creamy potato center.
The Blueberry Bagel french toast was an alright dish... nothing special personally. The whipped yogurt was a good touch, with some fresh blackberries on top. Good balanced plate, nice tartness with the fresh blackberries and sweetness with the whipped yogurt.
If you like crab, the poached eggs on top of the crab cakes with a side salad, I'm sure you will enjoy. Like the potato corquette's it has a nice crunchy outside and the side salad provides a good balance to the seafood. 

I am glad we ended up getting lost and got a chance to try this bistro. Expect a long wait time especially the later you arrive (While we were dining around 10:30 there was around an hour wait time), it is a small restaurant with really only three front of house staff. One host, one server for the front of the restaurant and one of the back. The service itself is alright, not really sociable or attentive but not unpleasant either. 

I would highly recommend this as a breakfast choice for anyone in the area to give it a try. I wouldn't mind eating here again and try many of there other appetizing items on their menu. Just got to be ready for the wait time and not mad hungry.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Famoso - Red Deer, AB

Oh Famoso, everyone in town was super excited when you were opening a year ago. A year later and I'm still not a fan.  I've had a few bad experiences, chalked up to the first month or so they were open and no business will run smoothly without any mistakes when they first open.

In the beginning, I found that they were overstaffed and there was a lack of communication between the staff. I have many examples of what i find demonstrates this but that was then.. this is now. And the most important aspect of a business is of course, the food.
Everytime I go here, I always find my pizza a little burnt... I understand that its flat bread and its pretty hard to cook/keep it consistent. But because of the couple burnt pizza's I've had, I'm not really a big fan. Overall, the apps, the pizzas and the dessert's I've had aren't anything special to me...
The desserts, most of them are overwhelming sweet. Definitely can only handle a couple bites, but they are pretty good to look at and good to share... especially with other women when its a certain time of the month ;)

Overall, I'm not a big fan of Famoso, on a recent trip there was hair in the pizza. Working in the restaurant industry, I know these things happen but personally just from when they first opened and the mishaps I've had with them... it's not a place I frequent when I'm dining out. Side note, other then the first month or so of opening, the service is consistently friendly and the owner is usually always there and is very genuine in knowing how your meal went.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

SKINNY TEATOX - 7 Day Review

I've been curious about these tea detoxes for a while and have been researching the many companies out there. I kept a relatively good diet for the week to see if it helped the results at all.
I must say, this fad on tea detoxes is just a fad. One of those diet fads like those who are straying from gluten in their diet because they believe it will help them lose weight.
I weighed myself before and after the 7 days and there was no change. I personally purchased the 7 days for around $35/cad because I knew I wouldn't stick to a 14 day commitment. It came in a simple white bubbled mailing envelope. I took the tea mainly for the detox purposes, to see if there was a difference in my body that I would notice with detoxing. And I was hoping there would be some weight loss benefits since I'm hitting a wall at the moment.

 I worked out the same amount as I normally would, 3-5 days a week for around 40-60 mins a day (depending on my work schedule). Side note, I have two serving jobs at busy restaurants, so basically each shift is a work out. My appetite was honestly the same, I didn't feel any less hungry then I normally would. One thing I did notice was that I did have a boost in energy, but I can get that with almost any tea. Taste wise, it was alright. I usually drink green tea or black teas which can be on the bitter side. This loose tea (the detoxing tea) tasted a bit bitter but not as strong as green tea or not overly bitter to the point where I hated drinking it. The packed tea, basically a laxative tea (Colon cleanser), tasted alright - personally I thought it tasted worse than the loose tea. I read reviews saying how the laxative aspect had a huge affect on many of them. You only take it every other day I believe and personally only one of those times I've taken it did i actually find it having an affect on my bowels.

 To conclude, I did not notice any benefits that were listed with the skinny teatox. I most likely will not be repurchasing Skinny Teatox, they do have some new products I am curious a bit about.. but for now I'll stick to my regular green tea or my juicer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Burt's Bees : Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment

Back with a review with Burt Bee's : Anti-Blemish Targeted Spot Treatment, you can find this in store for around $15/CAD. This is basically the herbal blemish stick, except not in stick form. It has the same liquid consistency as the liquid in the blemish stick. Same overpowering scent, same burning sensation, same ineffectiveness.
I've been using it for a month consistently, it has not reduced any blemishes or prevented any blemishes nor has it reduced any pimples. It does sink into the skin pretty quick...
Not a big fan of the packaging either... I dislike these droptops packaging, it only works for essential oils when you only need one or two drops for control. This, its hard to control.

Overall, this product did not work for my skin and i will not be repurchasing this.

Monday, July 14, 2014

THE BODY SHOP - All In One Instablur Perfector Primer

I've tried many Body Shop make up Products.. most of them wasn't a big hit with me.  They came out with this new "ALL-IN-ONE™ INSTABLUR 5-ACTION PERFECTOR" recently and I decided to try it out. One this great about the Body Shop is their return policy... easy to make returns if it doesn't work out for you. You can purchase this for $22/Cad at your local Body Shop.. I would wait for a sale to come on , which they come out quite often.

I'm always on hunt for a good affordable primer, one that can keep your making up fresh looking all day, everyday. This primer... it was alright.

This primer strives itself on being a
"Five action perfector:
It kept my make up/face matte for most of the day, I wouldn't go
to as far to say for 12 hours (I do work in the restaurant industry so a lot of heat/sweat is involved). I didn't notice the blurring effect that is part of its name, not saying I have huge craters for pores (yet) but I still did not notice a reduction in the appearance of my pores when using this primer. As for blemish hiding and complexion unifying, I don't think any un tinted primer would be able to do that by itself? 
Overall, it didn't do anything special, it did mattify my face and made my make up last longer... but any drugstore primer can do that. It didn't make my make up look fresh for any extra amount of time vs competing brand primers..
I will not repurchase this primer and its not on my recommendation list.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

OLAY Pore Minimizing Cleanser + Scrub Review

I bought two bottles while on sale retails for around $8-9/CAD, and I have finished one and am almost done the second which calls to share my opinion on the Olay Pore minimizing Cleanser + Scrub.

This product does nothing except wash off most of the make up on your face, even then you would need a couple pumps. This has no minimized my pores and honestly wasn't that good of a face wash.
The scrub part is not too rough on the skin if you want something gentle... I mainly use this with my olay pro x cleanser since I prefer to use something gentle with that machine. It doesn't dry out the skin and does not have an overpowering scent to it.

I've used this cleanser for a couple months now, it hasn't done anything to my skin. Same amount of breakouts/ same pores / same black heads. I'd rather buy a cleanser that I know has an effect on my skin.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Medium

Canadian winters. My skin hates them, I hate them, everyone i know hates them yet we still stay here.
There was a VIB sale back in november, i took this chance to try out a new foundation. I love my MUFE HD but just wanted to see what else is on the market. And since it's rising in price, i don't really want to use it as much.

Found this Tarte full coverage foundation in .08 oz (which is more then plenty) in a little kit. The kit costs $41/CAD, comes with a rollerball of maracuja oil and a full size mascara.

This is the first Tarte Product i've ever tried. And I love it. This is a great foundation, i think its a bit light for my skin but its not too noticeable unless i'm in bright light or in photos.

One thing that's been bugging me about MUFE HD is that sometimes it gets a little hard to blend out, if I look closely at times I notice I didn't blend too well on my chin or cheek and can see the foundation vs my skin. And since its dries pretty fast it can be hard by that time to blend it out. Whereas this Tarte product is very easy to blend into my skin.

It provides great coverage up for almost 12 hours without touch up. You don't need that much product for your face. It goes on very smooth, I've used it with a stippling brush and a flat top brush. I've heard the Tarte airbrush finish brush does make a difference for application. But since its such a steep price, at the moment i'm content with my flat top or stippling brush...
I have pretty dry skin and it didn't dry my face out anymore, look cakey (unless i cake my face) or cause those little darn flakes.

I have yet to try out the maracuja oil or mascara but I think this kit is great! So far I am loving this foundation almost over my MUFE hd... almost.



8 hrs later. Noticeable wear off in forehead, a little shine / fade